Monday, December 13, 2010

The Muddy Reds


It's been awhile since i've heard a good soulful rock'n'roll album I could honestly listen to from start to finish. That all ended when I found out about The Muddy Reds. Their latest release, Mannequin, is a nine track album that will have yourself asking why they're not signed-- at least that was my initial thought. This album has hints of Ryan Bingham's country style rock'n'roll peppered with a Kings Of Leon up-beat soulful feel. Give the album a good listen, because if the the swinging guitars and soulful vocals don't make your head nod you might want to check your pulse. Check their myspace, facebook, or bandcamp for updates. I believe they are touring around west at the moment.


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  1. got a rompin new EP called "Justle Hustle" over at, check it out