Friday, May 6, 2011

Digital Lows CD Release Party



No introduction is needed. Cities Aviv is releasing his first full-length, Digital Lows - a righteous 12 track album - this evening at the Hi-Tone. Cities was even kind enough to release a digital copy of his CD for free. Download it from the link below.

Cities Aviv - Digial Lows

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Sorry for the hiatus, I've been busy with... life? I guess. Anyway, I've got a few new bands to pop out there. A few are local a few are not, all are something I would consider enjoyable. Also, if you read this blog will you please do me the favor of following me? It makes me feel important- thus posting more good music for you to enjoy.


Valley Of The Sun + Truckfighters Summer Tour



Sweden’s Truckfighters to play the U.S. July 2011

Fuzz rock powerhouses Truckfighters are bringing their groundbreaking brand of stoner rock to the U.S. July 13-23.

Truckfighters is a stoner rock band from Sweden. After releasing ep’s in 2001and 2002, they recorded a split-EP with local Swedish band Firestone in 2003. In2005 they released their debut album Gravity X on both MeteorCity Records and Fuzzorama Records. Their follow-up album, Phi, was released in 2007 by Poison Tree Records in the U.S. and on the Fuzzorama label elsewhere. Latest album is Mania where the band has a more progressive sound. Over the years Truckfighters have moved from classic stoner to progressive/alternative metal/stoner. Their sounds has been described as classic desert rock similar to bands like Dozer, Fu Manchu (with whom they have toured), and Kyuss. They have been featured on the MTV Sweden show “Fuzz”.

Truckfighters will be joined for most of their U.S. dates by Cincinnati, OH band Valley of the Sun. The tour will stay on the east coast/midwest. Booking of the tour has just begun, any inquiries should be directed to:

Valley Of The Sun has also started a kick starter program to fund their latest album. So if you're into these guys and want to support good music, help 'em out! --> Valley Of The Sun

Dead Gaze


First up is a band that I found when I discovered Flight. They go by the name Dead Gaze and hail from the hills of Mississippi. You should be scared, because this band will melt your eardrums with their garage / surfer-esque sound that has been peppered with a splash of psyche rock - for good measure or course. I have a large problem with admitting this, but they sound a little like Wavves... but better. I'm a big fan of Wavve's album, King Of The Beach, but Dead Gaze has a much more original and honest approach to their sound than Wavves. But who fucking cares, it's good music so listen to it.

Dead Gaze

Mount Carmel


A real roots-rock, psyche based, 70's blues rock band is hard to find these days. However, with the popularity of bands like Radio Moscow, Black Keys, and Tame Impala, we're seeing a lot more bands popping up with a sound so influenced and sculpted from the pioneers of rock'n'roll it's hard to not enjoy. Mount Carmel comes from the Columbus, Ohio where they're doing a very good job of keeping a roots sound alive with bands like The Black Keys and Soledad Brothers. Carmel sounds to have major influence from some of the 60's and 70's greats such as: Cream, Beck Bogart Appice and possibly even some Blue Cheer. Don't sleep on this gem if you're into this sound.

Mount Carmel - Mount Carmel

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Blewjays


Here's another solid group popping up in Memphis. The Blewjays is a garage / rockabilly duo from Memphis TN that is composed of Willaim Stull and Rickie Kyle. If you're a Memphis native you might have caught William Stull performing his solo material or his side project: William Stull and The Bad Men (which is composed of the drummer and front man of The Dirty Streets). I'm not a huge rockabilly guy, so pinning them on influences is hard. However, if you're a fan of Link Wray or Flt Duo Jets, then you'll gladly approve of the Blewjays. They're legit.

Myspace(William Stull)

William Stull & The Bad Men
Facebook (The Blewjays)

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Muddy Reds


It's been awhile since i've heard a good soulful rock'n'roll album I could honestly listen to from start to finish. That all ended when I found out about The Muddy Reds. Their latest release, Mannequin, is a nine track album that will have yourself asking why they're not signed-- at least that was my initial thought. This album has hints of Ryan Bingham's country style rock'n'roll peppered with a Kings Of Leon up-beat soulful feel. Give the album a good listen, because if the the swinging guitars and soulful vocals don't make your head nod you might want to check your pulse. Check their myspace, facebook, or bandcamp for updates. I believe they are touring around west at the moment.