Monday, December 13, 2010

Knowledge Nick


Yet another young hip-hop artists who is emerging in the Memphis music scene. These dudes are coming out of nowhere! First Total Savage, then Cities Aviv, and now Knowledge Nick. In a city so thirsty for genuine hip hop, we are actually seeing some pretty good talent emerge! I don't need to write a paragraph on why I think knowledge is good, although I will say if you're a fan of Mission, Giant Panda, Zion I, Cunninglinguists, or any well written chill hip-hop, download his EP. Hope the dude keeps it up, we (Memphis) need to hear more. Also, the second link I provided is a track from "Royal T's LP- 4 All Seasons & Knowledge Nicks Second LP- Transcribed Sentiment. LP is set to release early spring 2011." If DJ Hush is writing these beats, don't stop. This shit is real.

The Enlightenment EP
Another Song

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