Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Total Savage


Total Savage. One of two people producing some real hip-hop in Memphis (currently). Well, I shouldn't get ahead of myself. He's producing real hip-hop to my standards. I've grown up on Hieroglyphics, Souls Of Mischief, Mission (Crown City), Zion I, PUTS... & that vein of hip-hop. So, it's a major surprise to hear someone producing anything but Three Six Mafia styled hip-hop in Memphis. Not to mention, him and his DJ are the only ones on stage-- not an entourage of dudes with gym towels and gaudy jewelry. So when someone breaks away from the terrible trend I'm instantly impressed. Savage is creating an interesting blend of unorthodox beats that sound like something out of the early 90's or late 80's. It's funky, soulful at times, and mostly upbeat. What's interesting about Savage is how he doesn't sample anything. He writes all his beats from scratch, writes all his own material and produces a CD quality recoding in his own home studio having done all of this without any know-how. That to me is impressive. You can check him out on his Myspace or Facebook for tour dates where he can be found touring with Memphis's own, aristocrunk, whateverthefuckthatis, Lord T & Eloise. Don't sleep, this dude is good and up 'n coming.

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