Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mount Carmel


A real roots-rock, psyche based, 70's blues rock band is hard to find these days. However, with the popularity of bands like Radio Moscow, Black Keys, and Tame Impala, we're seeing a lot more bands popping up with a sound so influenced and sculpted from the pioneers of rock'n'roll it's hard to not enjoy. Mount Carmel comes from the Columbus, Ohio where they're doing a very good job of keeping a roots sound alive with bands like The Black Keys and Soledad Brothers. Carmel sounds to have major influence from some of the 60's and 70's greats such as: Cream, Beck Bogart Appice and possibly even some Blue Cheer. Don't sleep on this gem if you're into this sound.

Mount Carmel - Mount Carmel


  1. there's a killer live recording out there as well. "Live at WFMU on Brian Turner's Show, 6/15/10".